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Welcome to GOODScakes!   This is what grew out of a 30 day challenge, a new found gluten-intolerance, and a love for good food shared with friends and family.  So, we make cakes (and muffins!) that almost everyone can eat!  They are Gluten free, Organic, Oh so yummy, Dairy free (actually vegan!), and refined Sugar free.  No more stress about dessert at your multi-diet dinner party.

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I love yummy food, from any where in the world, and I love sitting down to meals with family and friends – it brings people together.  I’ve also lived in 9 countries and traveled to another 40+, so I do love to experiment in the kitchen. I’m a global nomad in a NYC/Brooklyn kitchen. In March 2014, I found out I was gluten-intolerant — not celiac, luckily – but still the symptoms weren’t fun. Like most allergies, there’s nothing inherently “poisonous” about gluten, our bodies treat those gluten proteins like evil invaders and the internal war causes inflammation, digestive, respiratory, energy, etc problems (everyone is a bit different). So, I reached my consumption “tipping point” , the allergy kicked in…and this pasta, bread and cake loving girl has changed her diet –  it’s a lot easier when you have to.

Most of the gluten-free stuff I’ve tried is somewhat tasty, but SO dry and crumbly, and I do love birthday carrot cakes and brownies and other treats!  And then I looked at labels and there’s so little nutrition – I know, it’s a treat, but still… So, I researched and experimented, then an idea was born in a slow work period, and “In the spirit of creativity, my love of cooking & baking, and extra work when you wanna achieve a goal… please eat some carrot cake!” was the first line of the email I sent to 70 friends in July 2014.

Two goods cakes getting ready for their public.

Two goods cakes getting ready for their public.

Long story short, I kept collecting more information and tools to answer the Qs my friends had, realized I’d found the wholesale suppliers I needed, had a website, multiple payment options, and an affordable delivery mechanism… and this 30 day challenge has blossomed into a side business — using only organic ingredients, local where available, and no nuts (unless specifically requested), no animal products, and no refined sugars. So, while it’s still dessert or muffin, it’s a pretty darn good one – check out the reviews.

Check out the blog and order pages.  I  thank you for your support – moral, culinary, and the orders and PR.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Happy and healthy eating!

Thank you!


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Janelle Sorenson

    Hi Rachel, Your loaves sound great! How do they hold up in shipping? I am in Oregon, so I expect it would take a few days for them to get here. Would they still be fresh when they get here? Thank you, Janelle

    1. rpatter3 Post author

      Yes, Janelle! I bake the loaves at night, Priority Mail them the next day, & they get there 2 days later… and then, can live on the counter another day or two, but better in the fridge (or freezer… or tummy :-) ). Thanks for asking!

    2. rpatter3 Post author

      Hi Janelle – we have a 15% discount special for orders placed through 31 October, if you’re interested in trying! Let me/us know and we’ll send them out to you asap. Patrician can tell you more about the taste and attest to how well they did in the shipping.


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